Artist Statement

The evolution of my painting has made significant leaps during many residencies at art centers and colonies, both in the United States and abroad. I prefer observing the ambient light and colors of a new place over a long period of time and responding to that experience through paint. I consider myself a process painter, with each new experience and technique adding to the previous responses.

In some paintings I synthesize the imagery into minimal shapes incised into the wet paint or drawn with Conte crayon. I arrange blocks of color to depict architecture and landscape. Gestures of the brush and knife are more or less visible, evidence of how quickly the paint is absorbed and dries on the canvas or paper.

Through the process of painting I relive sensations and memories, delve into archetypal imagery, and engage in formal investigations of composition and materials. The multiple transparent layers of paint correspond to the many-layered stories that are retold in color and light. Painting has allowed me to expand my fascination with the material world while being a spiritual pursuit, a meditative practice, and a link with the past.